Lotus People – Charity Clothing Drive

Written by Michelle Barrett, Team Lead – Temporary Consultant, Commerce and Industry

Although January is now a distant memory, I am pleased to say that my New Years’ resolutions are, thankfully, not. I am guilty of having some of the more straight forward and common goals such as ‘get fit, choose the healthier food option, increase my steps, but one goal I feel really strongly about is living a more environmentally friendly, less wasteful and sustainable life, as well as giving back.

With that in mind, at the beginning of the year, the Lotus team and I decided to host a clothes swap where, rather than supporting the fast fashion industry, we swapped pre-loved clothes and donated remaining clothes to the amazing charity Dress for Success.

Dress for success are a charity we’ve supported in the past and they do fantastic work by improving the employability of women in need in NSW by providing free professional clothing along with providing a support network and career development tools.

This was a great reminder to give back, be conscious in our consumerism and also think outside of the box. For more details on the charity, visit their website here… https://sydney.dressforsuccess.org/