Lotus Temp Interview Series; Interview #3 – Samantha Morgan

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May 7, 2018
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July 5, 2018
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Lotus Temp Interview Series; Interview #3 – Samantha Morgan

Samantha has been an outstanding candidate! We awarded Samantha as our temp of the month for May due to the amazing feedback we have received from our clients – Go Samantha!

How did you find your job search when you arrived in Sydney

When I first arrived in Sydney I had all the hopes and aspirations of finding a job relatively quickly and with ease. I was told by so many others who had moved from the UK to Australia- “You will get a job easily” and”Loads of my friends found work in a day”. With my experience and education I was positive that this would be the case for me but unfortunately, I had made the decision to move to Australia at one of the busiest times of year. I cannot even recall how many jobs I applied for, well over the 80+ mark. When I met with recruiters I was treated as just another number. After seven weeks of searching I was frustrated and frazzled.  The recruiters I had met with were not invested in me as person, meaning that I was my only advocate. I continued to apply online for jobs which finally lead me to Lotus People, and ultimately restored my faith back in recruiters! 

You registered with Lotus back in February 2018, how did you find out about us? 

I was lucky enough to stumble across Lotus People whilst applying for a role online. The role at first glance didn’t necessarily fit with my experience but I applied for it all the same. Lotus People rang me within one day and asked me to register and interview with them the following day. When I arrived I was met by Michelle who was extremely friendly and personable. We sat down, went over my CV, the positions I was interested in, and then Michelle proceeded with giving me a snapshot of what Lotus People is all about and what makes them different to other recruiters. Of all the recruitment companies I had met with in Sydney, this was the first time that one provided me with information around their company culture and what they have to offer. I felt as though the tables had been turned and I was the interviewer and them the interviewee. Rather than being treated as just another number on a recruiters books I felt at ease with Lotus People and that they actually wanted to represent me. 

How was your experience with Lotus?

My experience with Lotus has been extremely positive and I cannot recommend them enough. After I met with Michelle, she put me forward for the position I had applied for online and I interviewed with the company the next day. In total it took 3 days for Lotus People to place me in a position: Day 1 I applied online for the position, Day 2 Lotus interviewed me and asked to represent me, Day 3 I interviewed for the position and Day 4 I started my new position. Throughout this time Lotus people were in constant communication and provided me with updates. I managed to secure a 6 month full-time contract with a hugely reputable company and cannot thank Lotus People enough for putting me forward for this opportunity. Michelle was positive and proactive and has remained so whilst I continue to be represented by Lotus. I have also met with other members of staff at Lotus, all of whom are lovely and really care about the work that they do, the clients they represent, and the candidates they place. 

We are so focused on bringing a different recruitment experience to the market – what do you think makes Lotus People different to other agencies you’ve dealt with? 

 As I’ve already touched on Lotus People’s culture is undeniably one of their biggest strengths. The recruiters are positive,  personable, proactive and have great communication with clients and candidates. Without fail I receive a weekly phone call to see how things are going, as does my manager. Emails, phone calls, coffee catch ups and office gifts are just a number of the things that Lotus People do to ensure that their candidates feel represented. I have a great rapport with Michelle and feel like she has looked out for me from day one. It is no wonder that Lotus has received so many awards and commendations for the work they do. I recommend Lotus People wherever I can and will undoubtedly use them in the future. They have set the bar high for recruiters in Sydney!

Thank you Samantha for all your hard work and for representing Lotus People in such a positive way. We look forward to working with you for the rest of your time in Sydney!