Motivate Yourself at Work – 5 Tips for Setting Goals

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Motivate Yourself at Work – 5 Tips for Setting Goals

I recently read an article on LinkedIn about how people who write down their goals are 39.5% more likely to achieve them (Dr Gail Matthews, Dominican University of California). We recently implemented a mentor programme at work and goal setting was the core subject of my first meeting so this statistic definitely caught my eye.
Based on my own experience, here are 5 hints and tips on how to set yourself goals;

1. Be clear
In Napolean Hill’s bestselling book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, he interviewed the most successful people at the time (1930’s) and found 13 principals. The one common denominator of all these people is that they had clear, defined, written goals. Your goals have to be measurable or meaningful. Start by thinking of the “big picture”. This can be a goal that you’re looking to achieve over the course of a couple of years. Work back from this and break this large-scale goal into smaller targets that will help you to achieve this, for example with a one-year plan, 6 month plan, monthly plan etc

2. Make an action plan
As great as it is to focus on the outcome, planning your steps is a key step in goal setting. If you’re working to a big goal it’s understandable that things may start to feel a bit stagnant at times. Following on from the above tip, checking off small milestones will help to remind you that you’re on track. Set time frames for these mini milestones so that you’re always working towards something.

3. Create a mini bucket list
Goals you set don’t have to be work related, they can also be personal. Start with a mini bucket list. This can include anything, no matter how small it may seem. For example, trying out that new restaurant, dedicating set days to work out, reading a new book. Starting off with a smaller, non-work-related bucket list can be a great introduction to goal setting. By ticking off your achievements, this can really give you a sense of accomplishment and can set you up for a bigger scale list with confidence.

4. Attitude
A positive, healthy mindset is so important to get you in the right space to set and achieve your goals. Limiting beliefs are thoughts that constrain us, we probably don’t even realise that we’re consciously doing it. Examples are “I’m not clever enough to do that”, “that person is better than me at this”, “It’s not possible”. I’ve found the best way to get rid of these negative thoughts is to acknowledge them when they come, try and understand why you’re feeling that way and aim to replace them with an empowering belief.

5. Be easy on yourself
We’re all humans, we make mistakes. Your goals don’t have to be set in stone, especially if it’s your first time doing this. You can change them as you go along, it’s all a work in progress. It’s important not to beat yourself up over any bumps in the road and remember to get yourself back on track during times where you’re feeling unmotivated.

I hope these quick tips help you to feel motivated – I know that they have definitely helped me since I have implemented the above. If a new job can help you achieve your goals and you’re interested in office support roles or in recruiting office support staff, please contact me on 02 8274 4616 or email me on

Written by Sham Hassan, Permanent Recruitment Consultant