Vote Yes! It’s a ‘yes’ from Lotus!

Ahead of the Turnbull Government’s voluntary non-binding postal survey on gay marriage, social media is being used as a platform to rally behind the cause. With our feeds awash with rainbows and support echoing from all over the country, I am proud to say that Lotus is in full support of the Yes Vote for marriage equality in Australia.

In May of 2015, Ireland became the first country to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote with a 62% victory. I happened to be home in Ireland in the lead up the referendum and am so pleased that I was a part of something so historic. The energy and support for the yes vote was inspiring and Dublin was really lit up in the weeks leading up to voting day.

Personally, as I became an Australian citizen this year, I am so happy that I can cast my yes vote and I am proud to be able to align Lotus with those values. For an equal, loving, kinder future for generations to come, I am pleased to say that Lotus are voting yes and I hope that Australians follow in the footsteps of Ireland and the other 23 countries who have legislated same sex marriage.

#voteyes #marriageequality #loveislove #pride