Lotus Temp Interview Series; Interview #4 – Evleen Price

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August 22, 2019
September 12, 2019
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Lotus Temp Interview Series; Interview #4 – Evleen Price

Currently on her 4th long-term temporary assignment, we are thrilled to be working with Evleen and have her representing Lotus People with our wonderful clients.

How did you find your job search when you arrived in Sydney? 

When I first arrived in Sydney I didn’t know where to start looking. I was looking in hospitality, in administration; I applied for everything. I probably applied for well over 100 jobs. I found it quite difficult finding an employer that would hire me in the jobs I wanted because of the limitations on my visa (working holiday) and I found myself applying for roles in ridiculously far destinations.

And you registered with Lotus back in March 2018, how did you find out about us? 

I was already employed with a different recruitment agency and I wasn’t enjoying my placement at all, so I was a bit skeptical about going through another recruiter. A friend of mine was employed by Lotus and really recommended them as a recruitment agency. When I went for the interview, I had such a great conversation with one of the Lotus recruiters and talked in length about what sort of roles would suit me, what I wanted with the company, as well as everything from how far I wanted my commute to be to the type of role that I would prefer.

How has your experience been with Lotus? 

So good! From working for a university to a medical software company, the roles have been really varied which has been really interesting. One of the great things I love about Lotus is the level of support from the agency. If I call up and my recruiter isn’t in, most of the team know who I am and can help, knowing where I’m placed. They also check in every Friday to make sure everything is going well, so I feel very supported.

We’ve placed you in 4 temporary roles so far – what assignment have you enjoyed the most through Lotus People? 

The role I am currently on has been by far my most enjoyable. My contract for this organisation has been extended for the second time which is great. It’s a really prestigious government organisation with fascinating opportunities. Sometimes working as a temp can feel a bit inconsistent, but with this role I really feel like I have slot into the team and have made some great friends. This weekend I went to my first AFL match with lots of people from the office and I really felt like part of the office team. I am also getting more autonomy and responsibilities at work, which has been great for my personal development and confidence.

We are so focused on bringing a different recruitment experience to the market – what do you think makes Lotus People different to other agencies you’ve dealt with?

In Australia, I am employed through 4 different recruitment agencies and I held 14 job placements since being here. I’ve found Lotus has the best communication with great roles and great support. Another fundamental difference is that Lotus has ‘same day start’. The team call you the day before to see if you would be interested in working for anything that comes through for the next day. It has been such a great way to fill gaps between jobs and my little trips away, but also feels so great to know there are people there to support you in getting work. From excellent communication to the roles they offer, I couldn’t recommend Lotus enough!