A Namaste A Day!

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February 24, 2016
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March 2, 2016
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A Namaste A Day!

Here at Lotus People, we are super excited to have just implemented weekly yoga in the office. As the clock strikes 1pm on a Wednesday, our office turns into a serene and blissful yoga studio (aside from the soft murmur of our phones buzzing in the background)! We are lucky to have the extremely experienced Karolina Syzmala from Jivamukti Yoga Studio in Newtown, come in and teach us the basics every week. With a mixed group ranging from experienced and bendy to those who can’t yet dream of touching their toes – it’s catering for everyone!


The benefits of yoga have been well documented over recent years and it has been proven as an extremely effective way to relieve stress, strengthen the body, focus the mind and improve overall health and wellbeing.


Working in recruitment, we work at a notoriously fast pace – our time is driven and dictated by external factors and we spend hours every day juggling an array of urgent priorities. And it’s not just us. At all of our Christmas catch ups the theme of each conversation was how the annual “slow down” just doesn’t exist anymore – long gone are the days where you would have time to do your filing before the Christmas break! And this constant pace is bound to have negative impacts on our wellbeing. With increased workloads, it is so important that we, as individuals, look after ourselves, and as employers, look after our staff. Hence why Laura and I were so excited to ask Karolina to come in to teach us and the guys at SustainAbility Consulting, our sister business, some yoga 101!


The list of benefits that you can get from yoga is long, and scientifically proven. Calmness of mind, an increase in focus, better sleep, and a decrease in stress to name just a few. Even a 1 hour class a week can work on increasing focus, reduce anxiety, calm a restless mind and, of course, give you time to stretch out the hours of sitting at your desk.


We highly recommend it, as not only a personal journey, but a great way to bond with your wider team.


We will post snaps as we go to share the journey, you never know, you may see a photo of us all in headstands over the next few months!






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