A Story of Relocation!

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August 8, 2018
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A Story of Relocation!

By Lana Bruce

The decision for my partner and I to move to Townsville was not an easy decision for me to make; not only because I would be moving away from friends and family but also because I loved my job!

I have always believed that finding a job with a happy working environment with amazing people is the key to having a happy life. We spend around 40 hours a week at work so you can see that your work environment plays a huge part in your life, and spending 40 hours a week working at Lotus has been an absolute dream!

You don’t find many people bragging about work but let me tell you, I am constantly bragging about our culture at Lotus! So I was not looking forward to telling my Director, Sinead the news that I would be leaving for Townsville. Once I did though, Sinead soon approached me and asked me if I wanted to work remotely? Immediately my heart jumped and I instantly said yes!

We then sat down and laid everything out on the table and discussed the logistics, the technology and our ability as a team to make my role work without having me in the office and it all seemed possible – and it was! It wasn’t something Lotus had done before but I am so happy that we could make it work. I’m now writing to you from my home office in Townsville and I could not be happier with the outcome of my situation. My role has completely adapted to suit the remote nature of my work and I am still effectively working and putting value into the running functions of the business.

I feel extremely lucky to have a boss who truly has my best interests at heart, and who is always forward thinking and looking for new ways to change and adapt to make business more efficient and effective.

Life is good at Lotus!