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July 29, 2018
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Executive Assistant Wellness Event

By Maritza Godinez

Last week Lotus People hosted an exciting networking event for the Executive Assistant community focusing on wellness in the workplace. We had just over 50 attendees who got to unwind and mingle while enjoying yummy canapes and organic wines. We also had an express manicure bar set up for an extra bit of pampering and fun throughout the evening. The main attraction though was an insightful discussion about what mindfulness was and how it could help our productivity. The workshop was led by Joannie Lemay, founder of In Bloom, who discussed the positive changes that comes with being mindful, which includes a reduction in stress, an increase in resilience and a boost in performance. Here are the nine recommendations she highlighted on the night:

  1. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

This is the most important on the list! If you’re currently going to bed past 10:00pm, try to get in 30 minutes earlier than your usual time to feel an instant result.

  1. Move before work

Get into a routine of biking, running or walking to work – and if you live too far then hit the gym. Making the time before work is critical as your willpower has not yet been taxed from a long day at the office and your body will eventually start to crave it.

  1. Take short and long breaks

Coffee breaks are not enough, you need to take off time for a holiday. We’re so privileged to have beautiful nature and beaches right at our doorstep. Why don’t you spend the weekend visiting the natural landscapes that NSW has to offer and better yet, go without a phone!

  1. Make every lunch a salad

A salad is not boring and you can make it at home or buy it out. Get creative in your salads and eat lots of veggies every single day. Also, break the habit of eating at your desk.

  1. Set ambitious goals and challenge yourself

Joannie recommends the Get Things Done app as a great tool to set daily to yearly goals.

  1. Be the optimist, positive leader

Be the person that radiates positivity and let it come from the heart. Lead with yes rather than no and approach problems in a proactive manner.

  1. Stand up for your life

Sitting is the new smoking! Ask your boss for an adjustable stand up desk and when sitting down raise your monitors with stacks of books as it should be at eye level.

  1. Tackle the hard tasks in the morning

Reallocate your attention to do your hard tasks in the morning every day this will help you to feel more open and positive for the afternoon.

  1. Become a wellbeing leader

If you’re inspired, then you are inspiring people at the same time. It all has to begin with you, so set the tone that wellbeing is a priority for you and eventually it will become a priority for everyone else you interact with.

To wrap it up, Joannie explained to our guests how Executive Assistants have a very high emotional intelligence and they’re naturally inclined to help out everyone around them from the workplace to at home. She emphasized the importance of taking care of yourself first and then it will trickle down to everyone around you. The EA’s that attended the event left feeling inspired to make changes with a number of useful new tools including a quick meditation exercise and a lovely desk stretch.

The Lotus team were delighted with all of the positive feedback we received from the evening. We can’t wait to host our next event on Women in Leadership coming up in September!

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