Finalist for the ‘Young Professional’ Award – Michelle Barrett

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August 21, 2019
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September 4, 2019
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Finalist for the ‘Young Professional’ Award – Michelle Barrett

Written by Michelle Barrett

I am thrilled to say that I got a call yesterday from the CEO of the Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce with some really exciting news – I am a finalist for the ‘Young Professional’ Award this year! Having put the submission together I was hopeful but never dreamed I would be chosen as a finalist. The Irish Australian Commerce connects Ireland and Australia and allows both countries to facilitate trade and business, as well as building strong communities on both sides of the world. If you follow me on LinkedIn you will see that I have been to many Chamber events and am a regular attendee at their networking breakfast at the gorgeous, Poolside Café. Through the Chamber, I have had the opportunity to network with a variety of different people and create long lasting friendships and business relationships.

Putting together the submission was more emotional than I expected it to be – it is not often that you take time to reflect on your career and the blood, sweat and tears it has taken you to get to where you are. I came to Australia nearly seven years ago on a working holiday visa with nothing but a backpack and a heart full of dreams of making this country my home.

Having had a real mix of experience from beauty therapy to debt collection, I, like many others, found myself in recruitment.
To say it was an easy ride would be a lie but I absolutely adore my job, even the hard bits. I have grown exponentially both professionally and personally and if you had told teenage Michelle all that I have achieved by now, she would have laughed in your face – although, maybe not as she was quite moody and gothic back then!

Recruitment has changed my life, it has connected me with incredible people that started as colleagues and have turned into life long friends. It has given me the opportunity to call Australia home (my permanent residency visa was granted earlier this month after 2 & ½ years of waiting!) and taught me that with a bit of drive and resilience I can achieve great things.

As cheesy as it sounds, I love recruitment because I get to give people the same opportunity I was given. I match people to their dream jobs and kick start their career journey, it doesn’t get much better than that in my opinion.

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