Irish Support Agency Charity Breakfast

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June 28, 2018
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July 23, 2018
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Irish Support Agency Charity Breakfast

Recently at an Irish Australian Chamber of Commerce networking charity breakfast, Roisin from the Irish Support Agency spoke about the organisation to raise awareness of the charity. The Irish Support Agency was established in 1995 to provide support to anyone in the Irish community who finds themselves in circumstances of crisis or distress. The wonderful work that they do includes; running programmes to promote mental and physical wellbeing, social inclusion and a sense of connection in the Irish Australian communities.

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As part of their work with the elderly Irish Australian community, the agency hosted their annual winter lunch for Christmas in July. Lotus were so pleased to get involved and our Irish contingent spent their time volunteering, getting to know the seniors, helping out with the lunch and getting everything set up for the day.


It was so heart-warming to see such fantastic work being done for people who can lack community and lack a support network and we are looking forward to partnering with the organisation again to help with all of the wonderful work that they do.

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Well done Chloe, Robbie and Michelle for dedicating your time today to support such a great cause.