Lotus People’s Career Coaching: FAQ

Written by Frances Weber, Accredited Career Coach

A recruitment agency well known for its’ candidate experience, Lotus is constantly striving to give back to our candidates and add value. The unfortunate reality of recruitment is that we can’t place everyone, as much as we would like to! This is where our coaching services come in. Born out of the desire to help every job seeker we interact with, our program provides candidates with the skills and CONFIDENCE to build their own career strategy.

So, what is career coaching and why should you invest?

Q – What is career coaching?

A – A career coach takes a personalised and solution-oriented approach to assist any person who is in need of career guidance, regardless of the stage they are at in their career.

Q – Why choose Lotus People as your coaching provider?

A – Our coaches have dual roles within the team; as recruiters and career coaching specialists. From their years of industry experience, our career coaches have the unique ability to provide insights into the recruitment process and what hiring managers are looking for.

Q – What are the benefits?

A – Undertaking one of our career coaching programs is truly an investment in your entire career. It provides you with knowledge, tools, and strategies that can be employed over and over again at any stage of your career.

Q – What are the programs?

A – We offer three different programs. As part of each program, you will work one-on-one with an accredited coach and gain access to the state of the art Glow Up portal.

Find more information on the programs we offer here. Our coaches can provide guidance on this as well.

Q – What happens after I complete all of the sessions?

A – Unlike most coaching services, our support does not end when the session does. As a Lotus Alumni, you will have access to ongoing support and career advice from Lotus People, exclusive access to our virtual events, and the opportunity to connect with our LinkedIn community.

We have received some amazing feedback from our coachees so far!

If you have any more questions at all, please feel free to reach out directly to one of our accredited coaches, Frances.