Lotus Temp Interview Series; Interview #1 – Samantha Horton

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April 10, 2018
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April 19, 2018
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Lotus Temp Interview Series; Interview #1 – Samantha Horton

We LOVED working with Samantha – she was a dream temp and it was our pleasure to interview her for our new series of temp interviews.

Hi Samantha, tell us – how did you find your job search when you arrived in Sydney?
Hi all! Well, when I arrived in Sydney with my working holiday visa, I found it quite difficult to find employers in the corporate sector who were interested in hiring (or even interviewing) someone still in the first year of their visa. I wanted to advance my career opportunities outside of hospitality, so job hunting in Sydney was a frustrating process at times.

You registered with Lotus back in July 2017 – how did you find out about us?
I had never heard of temping until a friend from overseas recommended it as a great opportunity for travellers living abroad for extended periods of time. I went on Seek and looked up temporary work, and Lotus had posted several reception and office administration positions that piqued my interest.

How was your experience with Lotus?
Lotus was quick to respond to my application and made the interview process as welcoming as it was effective – they landed me my first reception role at an architecture firm in Surry Hills within a week of applying. With weekly check-ins, personalized rewards and a genuine, warm support system, Lotus really made me feel like an appreciated part of the team, inspiring me to give my best effort at every role.

We’ve placed you in six temporary roles so far – what assignment have you enjoyed the most through Lotus People?
Part of what makes temping so great is the opportunity to work in a variety of industries in a short period of time – whether its finance, IT, architecture or something entirely different, the ability to adapt and advance your company’s success is very rewarding. That said, one role in the construction industry, in particular, was the most challenging (and the most rewarding) given its use of system I had never used before. It was a position I’d never thought possible 6 months prior and it was fantastic to gain the experience.

We are so focused on bringing a different recruitment experience to the market – what do you think makes Lotus People different to other agencies you’ve dealt with?
Lotus really makes you feel like more than just a number – you are a valued member of a team, and that stays consistent as you move around from position to position.

Thank you Samantha, it has been our absolute pleasure working with you and we hope to see you back in Sydney again soon!