Lotus Temp Interview Series; Interview #2 – Elli de Ryckman

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Lotus Temp Interview Series; Interview #2 – Elli de Ryckman

Elli has been a dream temp candidate! She was awarded our temp of this month this month as she has excelled in every assignment and we have been flooded with amazing feedback from our clients. She is also doing amazing things outside of work and is currently raising money for the Centenary Institute by completing four half marathons and the City2Surf (a combined distance of just shy of 100km). Lotus People have donated $500.00 to show our appreciation and admiration to Elli and to the Centenary Institute for their incredible work! we even got a personal thank you from the company – A very big thank you to Lotus People

Hi Elli, tell us – how have you found your job search so far?
Well, it hasn’t really felt like a job search… I actually feel like I’ve been slack because I’m so happy temping and I know that Lotus are always looking out for me! For example, I had one temp job which lasted to the day until I was going on holiday and the day after I got back from holiday I got a last- minute call for another job – which I’ve now been at for two months.

And you registered with Lotus back in December 2017, how did you find out about us?
I heard a lot of good things on the grapevine. I had a friend who had temped through them and only had wonderful things to say, as well as two former colleagues who now work there and had been raving about the company every time I talked to them. I always figure that a recruitment company who treat their own staff well will be good to their candidates and the stuff I heard was so wonderful – yoga at lunch time, a wonderful and supportive atmosphere – all the stuff you don’t normally get in a recruitment environment. When I left my job I thought I should give them a go and I honestly am so grateful I did.

How has your experience with Lotus been so far?
Amazing! On the days I wasn’t working I would get calls at 4pm to check if I wanted to temp the next day – I felt like the girls were constantly looking out for me and thinking of me. It was so reassuring and professional. I also felt during the initial stages that I was building relationships with all of them, as I’d usually get a call from different team members, which felt really valuable – like every single one of them was trying to find me work.

We’ve placed you in seven temporary roles, what assignment have you enjoyed the most through Lotus People?
That’s such a tough question! My assignments have been in such a crazy assortment of places – from a private bank to a huge alcohol distributor and a cancer research facility!

They all started off as same day starts (where you get a call early in the morning to start work that day) and the people have always been warm and welcoming and seem to have really good relationships with Lotus – which feels reassuring. My last role had some awesome perks – drinks and Bourke Street bakery pies brought round on a trolley at 4pm and a sunroof where I would sit out and have my lunch looking out onto amazing views of the harbour! Still, I think my current role is my favourite because it’s an amazing organisation, close to home (I never have to leave the inner-West!) and has a real feel-good factor to the work. I get thanked every day for the work I do and I never thought I would be able to get that kind of appreciation and support from a temp job.

We are so focused on bringing a different recruitment experience to the market – what do you think makes Lotus People different to other agencies you’ve dealt with?
There are so many things – where to start? Firstly, I feel like I’m close with all of the consultants now and like everyone at the company has my best interests at heart – isn’t that an insane way to feel about a recruitment agency?!

That might also be what makes them different – everything from the way they dress at work (they always look gorgeous and professional but also, comfortable like, no one would give them an earful if they felt more comfortable in leggings that day), the way they sound on the phone when they call me (and the frequency of calls), to the presents that they bring when I’m on placement. I’m also really impressed with how much personal involvement their amazing director Sinead has in making it a really lovely agency. As an extension of that I feel like I am well looked after by a group of happy professionals who love their jobs – the highest praise I could give to any recruitment agency, or any company for that matter.

Thank you Elli! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and we look forward to watching you kill it in your four half marathons and the City2Surf race – You go girl!