Mental Health Awareness Month Interview Series – Finding A Support Network

Mental Health Awareness Month Interview Series – Mental Health In The Workplace
October 17, 2019
Mental Health Awareness Month Interview Series – Meditation
October 23, 2019
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Mental Health Awareness Month Interview Series – Finding A Support Network

Daisy Martin interviewed by Jess Kniaz

Lotus People are so proud to announce that we are donating $500 from every placement made in October to mental health awareness charity, batyr. Mental Health impacts one in four of us and this month, as well as raising funds for the charity, we will also be sharing our own personal stories and any useful resources and tips that we have found useful.


Just over a year ago Daisy moved from the UK to Australia with her partner. With close friends and family on the other side of the world, Daisy shares how establishing a support network helped her settle;


How important is it to you to have a support network? 

I believe it is extremely important to have a support network – opening up to someone who cares can make us feel so much better. Whether it be some well-needed advice or even just someone to listen to a good old moan, talking to my support network releases built-up tension and helps me to gain new insight into the situation. It is always surprising to see how often others are going through the same thing, and that you are never alone.


Last year you moved from the UK to Australia, has your support network changed? 

I moved out here just over a year ago with my partner and to be honest – I’m not sure how I would have done it without him. He has been the best support network and is always there to tell me “it will be okay” – not to mention the times he has helped me out financially whilst getting set up!


Despite moving half way across the world, I feel extremely lucky that in this day and age, we have so many different ways to communicate with family and friends that are far away. With apps such as Whatsapp and FaceTime, I am grateful for the technology that means my loved ones’ faces are only the press of a button away.


Saying that, nothing beats a proper hug! I have made such strong friendships in my short time over here, whether it be friends from completing regional work or friends made within the work place, that I am never short of people to turn to in times of need.


Can you tell us about a time recently that you had to call on your network for support or advice? 

When I first started in recruitment just over six months ago, it was completely different to anything I had ever done. As with starting any job, there was so much to learn and it can be hard not to doubt yourself. My best friend at home also recently had her second child and I started to feel quite home sick. I have so much to thank the Lotus People team for, with nearly all of us being from the other side of the world they knew exactly what I was going through. They were always there to listen whenever I needed it, and reminded me that the only thing making me doubt myself, was me!


Not everyone has access or feels comfortable reaching out to friends and family, what advice would you give someone who is unsure who to reach out to? 

Workmates can be an amazing source of support for issues within and outside of work – forming trusted, long-lasting relationships. There are also hundreds of groups, websites and forums out there to support people from all walks of life and interests. No matter what it is you are looking for – there is sure to be an existing group, community or forum you can join.


I would also recommend joining a club or sports group, not only is the exercise extremely beneficial for our mental health but it is a great way to become part of a new community, meet new people and make new connections that share your interests.