Reviewing our Summit: Let’s talk about boundaries, with Laura Hopes

Reaching five years in business is a milestone worth celebrating!

With our usual methods of celebration out of the question, we thought outside of the box and decided to dedicate an entire day to the celebration; an online virtual summit to be delivered in four sessions. Featuring a number of friends of the business, and powerhouses in their own rights, we sought to give back to our amazing clients and candidates who have supported us over the last five years by providing completely free, insightful, and topical content, all whilst supporting our charity partner, Stepping Stone House (the donation link is still open).

Let’s talk about boundaries: A wellness session inspired by Dr. Brene Brown, with Wellness Expert Laura Hopes

We are all blatantly aware that the future of work is here – what applied before COVID does not apply now. So, how do you find balance and stay sane within that?

This is a question that we pitched to our panelists in the first session of the day, The Employers of Choice Panel. The overwhelming response was that greater recognition and prioritisation of mental health is required, both within a workplace setting, and outside of it. Our second session of the day with entrepreneurial wellness expert Laura Hopes sought to address this need.

The session was inspired by world-renowned researcher, Dr Brene Brown – who has spoken at length about the importance of setting boundaries in your personal life, in your relationships, and at work. Laura guided us through a sharp, practical, and insightful presentation on how to maintain balance, nourish the mind and body, and use boundary setting to create a happier, healthier you.

We are so thankful to Laura for being a huge part of the day!

We highly recommend watching HERE, however, if you are unable, see our main takeaways below.

  • There are two parts to this journey – how do you live a life that sees you put boundaries in place but is still full? the flip side of that is dealing with the saying ‘no’ and create stronger relationships as a result of it
  • ‘You can’t be all things, or do all things, for all people.’
  • We have an innate desire to support our community, to provide value, to be appreciated and love – what happens when we stretch ourselves too thin is that we actually cannot serve our community in the best way
  • ‘Boundaries’ are actually connecting points since they provide healthy rules for navigating relationships, intimate or professional
  • Establishing your own personal fences can do wonders for your wellbeing
  • Ongoing stress has extremely detrimental effects on both the brain and body, setting boundaries is a method of reducing the causes of your stress
  • Setting boundaries consists of a number of things: establish your basic rights/ limits, be okay with being direct, give yourself permission to do so, make self care time the priority and start small throughout this process!
  • Self care tips for working from home: create a routine, have separate devices for work and personal, establish boundaries within the house and with your colleagues/ manager, only associate your bedroom with sleep – dance, laugh and do things that make you happy!