As part of mental health awareness month, the Lotus team were fortunate enough to have an intimate workshop with wellbeing consultant, Joannie Lemay from InBloom.


Guided by Joannie, a safe space was created where everyone contributed to discussions around mental health in the workplace, supporting others and looking after ourselves.


These were our key takeaways;


Ask ‘R U OK?’;

*Understand that being a support for others is not a one-off conversation, be proactive and check-in regularly.

*Mental health issues manifest differently in different people – it is important to familiarise yourself with the behavioural, physical, mental and emotional signs.


Look for signs;

*Get in touch with your own body, digestive issues, skin conditions and headaches can all be underlying symptoms of a mental health illness.



*Meditation has been scientifically proven to alleviate mental health and mood disorders; there are so many different forms of meditation from mindfulness to transcendental – keep trailing until you find one that works for you – don’t give up!



*Regular exercise also has profound effect on mental health – it is important to focus on how exercise affects your mood, rather than focusing on weight loss or building muscle.



*Sticking to a healthy diet low in processed food and sugar can improve your mood in just a few weeks.


Support networks;

*Socialising and having a support network is integral, however, socialising will be different depending on the individual. For some people social events will trigger anxiety – it is important to be understanding of this when supporting others.


Joannie led a truly inspiring and passionate workshop, bringing our team closer together and reminding us of the benefits of communicating openly about mental health, for ourselves and for others.