How to be a Unicorn

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January 15, 2020
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How to be a Unicorn

By Daisy Martin


Title grab your attention? I wanted to share with you my advice on how to be a unicorn… a unicorn candidate that is (unfortunately I’m not in a position to advise how to turn yourself into a magical horse). Unicorn is a term that is used frequently within recruitment to describe that one magical candidate who is perfect for a specific role. A unicorn candidate doesn’t just have the relevant experience, they are also personable, have a great attitude, are well presented and professional.


Recruiting temporary contracts within the office support space I come across a large number of candidates with relevant experience for my roles, so when deciding which candidates to put forward for contracts I always take into account their soft skills. So, how do you set yourself apart in the highly competitive Sydney temporary market?


Don’t be late | It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many candidates turn up late to interviews which is NEVER a good start. Plan to arrive early, look up the journey time and factor in a worst-case scenario (cancelled train/bus or traffic). Of course, there can also be incidents out of your control. If this ever is the case, communication and honesty is key. If you anticipate you are going to be late, call as early as you can to explain the situation,  but most importantly, do your best to avoid this!


Come prepared | Candidates who bring in a notebook and pen automatically get a gold star from me. Not only does this show that you are engaged, it also gives us a snapshot of how you like to work. Being proactive and organised enough to take notes will definitely set you apart.


Do your research | This is an obvious one when interviewing for roles, but vital if you are looking to stand out from the crowd. Mentioning something you saw on the website, news, or even a recent blog will show that you have prepared for the interview and are genuinely interested in the company. Asking questions also show that you have done your research, but avoid asking questions just for the sake of it.


Be well presented | Unless told otherwise, you should always assume to arrive in corporate business attire. On top of this, you always want to be more smartly presented than the person you are meeting with – although not overboard!


Be yourself! | The world of office support is usually not a skilled shortage area, therefore letting your personality shine (whilst remaining professional) will really help us to envision you in the perfect company. Attitude is everything and will always set you apart from others. Just be your lovely, personable self!