Why Would You Temp?

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July 3, 2019
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Why Would You Temp?

By Daisy Martin, Temporary Recruitment Consultant

As a former temporary candidate, I can honestly say temping was one of the best things I did when coming over to Australia. I gained useful skills and relevant experience in the Australian market, met some incredible people (many of whom I am still in touch with) and worked in some of the most beautiful offices, with highly credible companies – all of which have led me to where I am today.

Why should you temp?

  • Flexibility
    Whether you have family commitments, a trip planned to go overseas, or simply wanting to break up your week with a beach day in between work days, temping enables you to be flexible with your work schedule. I recommend making the most of the time in between roles to explore without the stress of requesting annual leave
  • Foot in the door
    I often found myself in this situation. One-week reception cover? Sure. Two months later on a completely different team in the same business? Who would have thought?! Exposure to an array of different opportunities and new industries? Why not! Having that ability to jump into a new environment and build relationships throughout the business has opened the door to many opportunities I would have never ended up in without temping
  • Gain new skills and experiences
    Temping gives you the chance to gain experience in different industries, learn new skills, and even push you out your comfort zone a little. Being able to constantly adapt to new cultures and workplaces, definitely helps to boost your confidence – the ability to learn new processes, technologies and systems will greatly benefit you in the future
  • Work in some amazing offices
    I hate to admit it, but I couldn’t help but assume what a company was going to be like by the particular industry it is in – something I quickly learnt not to do once I started temporary assignments. There are a number of amazing companies with the most incredible offices, it is the new trend! With companies having an increased focus on work/life balance, health and wellbeing has never been more important in the workplace. Benefits such as free yoga, weekly breakfasts and even offices that allow dogs (we are still working on that one in Lotus People office!) are just a few of the different work perks you might have access to
  • Build your network
    “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”
    Exposure to so many professionals within multiple companies is an invaluable way to expand your network, something “future you” will thank you for!

So why Lotus People…

I wish I knew about Lotus People when I was a temp. The level of communication and care with each and every one of our candidates is something we really pride ourselves on (and we have the awards to prove it)!

If you are in Sydney, immediately available for work, and have a minimum two years’ experience within office support roles, please get in touch today! daisy@lotuspeople.com.au